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Call Us On: 0191 374 9168
Visit Us At: 8 Saddler Street, Durham, DH1 3NP



Semi-permanent make up is a quick and easy procedure that is practically painless, and which can give you a perfectly natural, made up look, without spending hours in front of the mirror every day.
Our highly trained therapist Lynsey has over 15 years experience of enhancing clients faces to perfection. Using micropigmentation techniques Lynsey will create or improve the balance of your face.
All treatments provide a smudge free solution for your make up needs to enhance and define your eyes and lips.


Why Semi Permanent Make Up?

Semi-permanent make up is an ideal treatment for anyone who regularly uses brow pencils or who has little or no brows, or even if you just want a more defined brow.
For those whose lipstick bleeds on each application this treatment is an absolute savior as your lips will always have the perfect shape, fullness and colour.
If vision loss is impairing your ability to correctly apply eyeliner this treatment will take away the frustration and leave you confident with your new look.
Clients with an active lifestyle who has not the time to apply make up day in day out this is a life changing experience that does not cost the earth and delivers outstanding results.



What to expect

A patch test will be required 48 hours prior to treatment. The procedure is split into two appointments, spaced 4-6 weeks apart.
The first treatment will take approximately one hour, the second thirty minutes. Results can be seen immediately, however the look of your new long-term eyebrows will be thicker

and darker than you may anticipate. Generally after about a week or so, the region and top layer begins to scab and “shed” away in sections.

The new open pigment will finally soften into an appropriate natural look.



Before we even begin working on you, you’ll need to have a topical anaesthetic applied. This makes the treatment as painless as possible,
allowing for a more enjoyable experience. The topical
anaesthetic will need to be applied at least 30 minutes prior to treatment.

Once you’re numb and we’re ready to proceed, we’ll go through the consultation process. We will assist you in
choosing what styles would suit your face shape and the colour which will be applied. We will also let you know what to expect during treatment,
discuss how to take care of them and how often you’ll need to return for top-up.




Keeping Colours Boosted
It is recommended that customers boost the colour of their semi - permanent make up every 6 - 18 months. Every client is individual on their needs

of top ups according to their skin type. We highly encourage

to retouch your treated area regularly to prevent fading of the colour.

The cost of this essential maintenance service ranges between an affordable £70 and £100.  


We are fully capable of boosting the colour of semi permanent make up done by other technicians. We can also colour and shape
correct other technician's work. The price of this service depends on the complexity of the work involved.

Price List 

Eyeliner (top and bottom)
Lip Liner
Lip Liner Blush
Full Lip Colour
Colour Boost