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Call Us On: 0191 374 9168
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Pre and Aftercare for Semi Permanent Make Up

Pre Care

You cannot have the treatment done if you are under 18, pregnant or breastfeeding.

Do not tan in the sun or on sunbeds 2 weeks prior to treatment and you must not have a sunburned face.

Do not have any type of facial/peel 2 weeks prior to treatment.

Discontinue Vitamin A/Retinol products 1 month prior to treatment.

Do not have Botox 3 weeks prior to treatment.

Do not wax or tint eyebrows 3 days prior to treatment.

Do not exercise on the day of treatment.

Do not drink alcohol, or any caffeine product or take aspirin or ibuprofen 24-48 hours prior to treatment.
(Always consult your General Practitioner before stopping any medacine you have been prescribed).

After Care

Keep the area as dry as possible during the healing process for 3 days.
When showering or bathing, do not splash your face with water or use your
standard face wash.Instead, apply a small amount of a gentle face cleanser to a
cotton pad and clean the untreated area of your face.

To prevent infection do not touch pigmented area. Whilst some itching is normal throughout
the healing process any disturbance to the area could result in
unwanted scarring or infection. If crust appears on procedure area DO NOT pick
or peel off! Pigment will be removed along with the crust!

 Should infection occur, seek immediate medical attention.

Should you experience any swellign to the area, apply an ice pack covered
with cloth t
o protect your skin to reduce swelling. During the healing process, do
not apply any cosmetic products to the treatment area for 7 days or until the crust
flakes away; this includes both makeup and skincare. Applying makeup, moisturisers, serums,
or any form of product to the skin risks a reaction against the pigment,
ultimately, causing a nasty infection. (You may gently wipe with a cotton pad and
cool boiled water, not salt or saline).

Avoid sun exposure - this includes both natural sunlight and the use of sunbeds.

No hot showers/baths, swimming in chlorinated pools, jaccuzis or sauna/steamrooms
for 7-10 days, as theses will affect the treated areas.

Pin back your fringe: If you often have hair in your face or a fringe, take care to
clip it back for the first week at least. Hair getting into your tattooed eyebrows can
cause infection which will disturb the way the colour sets. Use a clean pillowcase and
do not sleep on your face.

No vigorous exercise for 4/5 days. Sweat is filled with salt which will begin to
fade the pigment in the semi-permanent makeup. Salt is an ingredient that is used
to remove cosmetic tattoos, so allow the skin to heal before you start working out again.

No Brow or lash tinting for at least 14 days.

You should have been given a follow up appointment by our
therapist for four to eight weeks after your initial treatment.
This is a great opportunity to evaluate the colour and shape now that
things have settled down. We will go over your brows, re-applying
more pigment and addressing any issues of patchiness
or uneven shape.

Annual maintenance procedures may be required to keep your
permanent makeup in pristine condition; individual timeframes
vary however it is generally advised to consult with your permanent
make-up artist for an annual re-touch between 12-18 months after
your initial procedure and follow on re-touch treatment.